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Cover Letter Sample for Fresh Petroleum Engineering Graduates

Posted by | November 13, 2013 | Engineering Cover Letter

333 Avenue Road,

Mamobi , Kenya

August, 203


Mr. Alvis Anahka

Human Resource Manager

Tullow Oil Plc


Dear Sir,

Re: Petroleum Engineer

Tullow Oil Plc advertised for the position of Petroleum Engineer in the Daily Graphic, a position for which I want to put in my application. I am a Petroleum Engineering graduate from Harvard University with ten years experience as a Reservoir Engineer in oil recovery and production.

As a Petroleum Engineer, most of my job description with my recent company includes analyzing well-logging results, forecasting production potential in oil reservoir, creating pumps and making technical recommendations on ways to enhance well flow and liaising with Safety Engineers to discuss work related hazard relating to health and environmental performance.

My technical academic knowledge in geophysics, reservoir engineering and petroleum geology expands my knowledge as a Petroleum Engineer and suits the job description for this job.

I possess excellent problem solving skills, analytical skills and ability to think critically to solve complex problems.

With my professional attributes and skills of a corporate worker, I hope to be able to discuss my qualification and experience with your outfit at any scheduled convenience of interview.

Yours Sincerely

Delil Blanx

Enclosure : Resume

Job Description of a Petroleum Engineer

Petroleum Engineering is a lucrative Engineering discipline but highly competitive especially in Sub-Saharan Africa. Petroleum Engineers are task with the production of hydrocarbons to natural gas or crude oil. Petroleum Engineers play a critical role in operations by managing oil and gas producing properties and identify related properties for performance improvement and profitability to the company

To become a Petroleum Engineer, one must be very good in Chemistry. You must also offer a Bachelor of Science degree in Petroleum Engineering, Petrochemical Engineering or a related field like Geological Engineering. A Petroleum Engineer can work in a vital capacity such as:

Production Engineering – By handling the daily management of oil production and help in increasing revenue by lowering operational cost

Production Operations – By implementing an environmentally sound practices in the field of operations and maintenance

Reservoir Engineering – This deals with evaluation and performance operations on the field. The task is to maximize the ultimate value of a property

With regard to a recent study, the top ten prestigious Petroleum Engineering Universities in the USA includes

  • University of Texas at Austin
  • Texas A&M
  • Colorado School of Mines
  • University of Southern California
  • Stanford University
  • University of Oklahoma Norman Campus
  • Louisiana State Agricultural & Mechanical College
  • University of Alaska
  • Marietta University
  • Texas Tech

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average salary of Petroleum Engineers is $138, 980 per year. Salaries ranged from $69,850 to over $187,000 per year.

As a Petroleum Engineer, one is supposed to carry task such as:

  • Cooperating with geoscientists,  production and managers to predict production trends and well-logging outcomes
  • Using approved mathematics models to analyze development plans and for maximum economic benefits
  • Using IT skills to improve the operations of Petroleum geo-sites
  •  Managing the environmental impact of Petroleum fumes and early detection of gas hazards.
  • Overall maintenance of petroleum equipment on and off the field
  • Using hydraulic fracturing technique to recommend flour rate enhancement
  • Petroleum Engineers also take supervisory responsibility. This includes educating crew members and motivating them to meet planned deadlines.