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Cover Letter Sample for Fresh Biomedical Engineering Graduates

Posted by | November 13, 2013 | Engineering Cover Letter


Mr. Alfred Markinks
Human Resource Manager
AllStar General Hospital
East Africa, Nairobi

Tella Bans
6 Road West Street
Nairobi, Box 222
[email protected]


Dear Sir,

I was interested to read the job advertisement for the position of Biomedical Engineer as advertised on your official website In regard to this advertisement, I am putting in my application and resume. I am a Biomedical Engineer from Kenyatta University, Nairobi with first class academic record in bioinstrumentation. After my degree, I worked with a reputable hospital for five years where I gained immense experience in this field

Most of my specialized experience is in the field of: engineering design of biomedical equipment, modifying biomedical equipment to suit current market trends, improvement of treatment processes to reduce safety risks and research for companies of the use of biomedical equipment to enhance working conditions.

I possess excellent analytical and critical thinking skills with exceptional knowledge in medical products and materials technology. I am also current with technology especially in the field of biomedical engineering.

I have since my National Service being working in a team. I have a good team spirit with great communication and interpersonal skills. I love to lead especially in areas where problem solving needs a specific timeline range.

I am confident that my expertise and experience would add significant value to the prospect of this reputable company.  I would be glad to meet you in person to further discuss my qualification and experience and tell you why I am the best candidate for this job.


[Your Name] Enclosure

Job Description of a Biomedical Engineer

Biomedical Engineering is a discipline that deals in applying engineering principle to biology and medicine for health benefits.  The focus of biomedical engineering is to combine the design principles of engineering in medicine. As a new emerging field in engineering, career prospects in this field is tremendous.

To qualify as a Biomedical Engineer, one must study Science in the Senior High School level with a strong grade in Biology, Chemistry and average grades in Physics and Mathematics. At graduate level, one must study a Bachelor of Science degree in Biomedical Engineering or closely related field such as Biological Science or Computer Engineering.

Biomedical Engineer is based around materials engineering, chemical dispensing, electronics and much of information technology. Because Biomedical Engineering is a relatively new discipline much of the work surrounding it is based on research and design implementation especially in mobility and communication aids.

One of the leading Biomedical Engineering Schools is Johns Hopkins University, which is the largest undergraduate major. The mission of this great College is to improve human health through excellence in research and education at the interface of engineering, biology and medicine.

To become a professional Biomedical Engineer, one must have critical knowledge in electronics and molecular biology. One other emerging specialization in this field is Tissue Engineering and Nanotechnology.

Major Job Description of a Biomedical Engineer includes:

  • Improving medical research equipment by incorporating materials especially microcomputers and lasers
  • Diagnostics and monitoring of medical equipment especially  CAT Scanners, kidney machines and pacemakers
  • Design improved technology to help people with challenged disabilities. Better visual systems, improved communication modules and intelligent walking wheels
  • Deal and research around technical challenges in the hospitals.
  • Design and product feasibility by working in a team especially around manufacturers and technicians
  • Attending Biomedical conference to exchange findings with other Engineers in similar field
  • Technical training of Junior Biomedical Staff

As a Biomedical Engineer, one is expected to be a team player, very organized and have a strong research base.