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Cover Letter Sample for Fresh Aerospace Engineering Graduates

Posted by | November 13, 2013 | Engineering Cover Letter

Ola Benjamin
6 Street Road
Aburia, Kenya
[email protected]

October 27, 2013

Maxwell Allotey
Human Resource Manager
Marshall Aeronautics Engineering Ltd
1st Turnaround State


Dear Allotey,

Re: Junior Aerospace Engineer

I am a graduate in Aerospace Engineering from the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology in Ghana. Following your advertisement in the National Newspaper on 12th February 2013, I want to put in my application for the position of Junior Aerospace Engineer

During my National Service with the National Aviation Authority, I worked in the Aeronautics department on how to design prototypes for aircrafts flight testing programs, design ways to find speed and fuel efficiency for flights and implement recommendations through design. Most of the practical work at National Aviation Authority was done through computer-aided design (CAD ) software to create and modify engineering designs.

This job description I worked on at National Aviation Authority is similar to the current position advertised at Marshall Aeronautics Engineering Ltd. I believe I am a perfect fit for this position and welcome the challenges involve.

Besides my technical abilities and experience is my ability to think critically in solving problem and working in a team. I also possess an excellent communication and interpersonal skills and follow job ethics in any organization I find myself.

I am excited with the prospect of working at your reputable company and welcome the opportunity to meet you to further discuss my qualification and experience into details.


[Your Name] Enclosure

Job Description of an Aerospace Engineer

Aerospace Engineering is built around aircraft and mechanical systems. Another angle of aerospace engineering is testing prototypes to make sure they meet design standards. Aerospace Engineering is a broad category of engineering discipline. An Aerospace Engineer can specialize in Control Systems, thermodynamics, propulsion and flight mechanics. But Aerospace engineering discipline is divided into two main stream: Aeronautical Engineering and Astronautical Engineering.

Aerospace Engineer needs a strong foundation in Physics and Mathematics. An advanced Bachelor of Science degree in Aviation Engineering, Pilot Engineering, Computer Engineering and Aerospace Engineering can lead to this great profession. Important role of aerospace engineering involves research, maintenance, development and manufacturing.

Since this is an emerging field, the prospects in this discipline are enormous. According to United State Department of Labor the average annual salary of aerospace engineers was $97,480 in May 2010. This remuneration of aerospace engineers has improved over the years. It is one of the top paying professions in the world.

Aerospace Engineers are employed especially in aerospace and Aviation industry, but their skills set is expanding to other valuable areas. To be an aerospace engineer, one must be technically gifted with ability to work in a team and high problem solving skills. Aerospace Engineers nowadays are focusing on

  • Aerospace Engineering Systems
  • Astrodynamics & Satellite Navigation Systems
  • Bioastronautics
  • Remote Sensing and Space Sciences

The Job Description of an Aerospace Engineer involves:

  • Routine maintenance of Aircraft.
  • Designing prototypes for flight-testing programmes
  • Assembling and fitting of aircraft and components
  • Using CAD technology to create and simulate designs
  • Resolving and retesting design to resolve issues during manufacturing phase
  • Researching into the current technology trend of design specification
  • Advancing features of the aircraft but still targeting minimal cost and flight expectations

Aerospace Engineering is fast becoming an authoritative discipline even in Sub Saharan Africa. The passion and drive for young engineering to enter such prestigious field is exciting. With greater height comes greater challenges.