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Cover Letter Sample for Food Process Engineering Graduates

Posted by | November 13, 2013 | Engineering Cover Letter

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Mr. Mork Rkar
General Manager
Unilever Kenya Ltd
New Street 43222, IE


Re: Food Process Engineer

Dear Mr. Rkar,

I head the announcement for the position of Food Process Engineer on radio XYZ on the 20th March, 2013. As I read through the qualification and job description for this position, I noticed this is a perfect match for my experience and qualification. I hold a degree in Food Process Engineering from University of Ghana and graduated recently with a GPA 3.70, an equivalent first class honours. I worked after my National Service with Nestle Ghana Ltd as a Food Engineer for three years.

As a Food Engineer, my research combines the knowledge in chemistry, microbiology, engineering and science. One major aspect of my job description with Unilever is the use of latest technology to process, package and preserve food products for market. I also worked on design techniques for food vendors and resellers.

Besides my qualification and experience, I am a fast leaner with ability to research and introduce new concepts in my design labs. I also possess leadership skills and will be happy to lead the team on projects and engineering works. I believe in working in a team and equipped myself with quality communication and interpersonal relationships especially with my working colleagues

I am excited and astonished about this vacant position in your highly placed company. I know this is a time to join your outfit to contribute my quota in your Food Processing Department. Your latest product on the market, Tito is amazing and would be happy to work on similar projects.

I am waiting on your reply to further meet you to discuss my qualification and experience into details.


[Your Name] Enclosure

Job Description of a Food Process Engineer

The field of Food Process Engineering is derived from Chemical Engineering discipline. The only difference is that Food Process Engineers apply additional skills required by the food industry regarding microbiology and food chemistry. The main task of a Food Process Engineer is to maintain the quality of food whiles finding means to increase its life by designing engineering machines and production mediums

To become a Food Process Engineer, one must be good in Chemistry and Biology. One must also study undergraduate degree leading to the award of Bachelor of Science Degree in Food Process Engineering or Chemical Engineering. Related disciplines such as Food Sciences, Agriculture or life Sciences is also applicable. This Engineering discipline is a practical field and an exciting one especially for graduates who are excited about producing products that combines excellent taste with better nutrition.

As a Food Process Engineer, one requires a strong problem-solving skills, effective communications skills, organizational skills and computer skills.

According to the 2006 Census, a graduate food engineer earns averagely between $90000 – $100000 per year.

As a Food Process Engineer, one can work in

  • Meat and Livestock industry
  • Beverages Industry
  • Wheat and grains
  • Confectionary
  • Snack Foods Industry

Food Process Engineers perform the following task at work places

  • Research. Food Process Engineers research to come out with updated methods of preserving food products. This research normally is conducted through a case study with other team members or a conference
  • Responsible for Food Safety. As a Process Engineer, one major expectation is the health implications of the food produced from the factory.
  • As a Food Process Engineer, one challenging task is to develop cost efficient wholesale food production methods, and determine the standards for food quality and safety
  • Food Engineers also carries out market surveys. This helps them to determine loop holes in the production processes. The scope of this research is to satisfy the consumer.
  • Food Engineers follows laid down procedures for production mainly because of health implications of ignored tasks.