About JobWeb Group Ltd

About JobWeb Group Ltd

JobWeb Group Ltd is a Ghanaian registered company founded early 2013.  JobWeb Group Ltd has a basic objective of linking Job Seekers to Employers.  We are excited by your passion to know more about us. We will tell you just that….

JobWeb Group Ltd is not just your favourite Job Portal, its about great minds and lead article platforms. Kofi fumed.. why is it called a Group?. The name JobWeb Group is a serving Job Portal for Africa. The Group consist of:

1. JobWebGhana.comwww.jobwebghana.com

JobWebGhana.com is a leading Job Portal in Ghana with the ultimate aim to serve graduates in Ghana. We expose you to job opportunities you never know existed.

2. JobWebKenya.comwww.jobwebkenya.com

JobWebKenya.com is a leading Job Portal in Kenya. We are the only Ghanaian Job Portal in Kenya with the competitive advantage for top career resources. No wonder we have taken over the Kenya market in a short time. Kudo’s to our partners and representatives in Kenya

3. JobWebNigeria.comwww.jobwebnigeria.com

To become the Job Portal of choice in Africa, Nigeria cannot be ignored. We have placed ourselves in a rather competitive market in Nigeria. The Founder, Delali is determined to project Ghana Portal system in Nigeria. We know our competitive advantage and will soon become the best Job Portal in Nigeria. We will come back and write this page again in a couple of months.

4. JobWebSouthAfrica.comwww.jobwebsouthafrica.com

The idea is to conquer Africa portal system with quality content apart from Jobs. It is truly a great opportunity to realise this platform and lift yourself to great heights. We are in South Africa and helping graduates to get great jobs…

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