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Cover Letter Sample for a Fresh Mining Engineering Graduates

Posted by | November 13, 2013 | Application letter articles

October 27, 2013

Mr Tel Jurne
Senior Human Resource Advisor
Tullow International
Box 987, Upstream Road
Nairobi, 45333

Herry Uye
43rd Avenue Street
Box 121, Nairobi Kenya
[email protected]

Dear Mr. Jurne

Ref: Job111 – Mining Engineer

I am applying for the position of Mining Engineer with Ref: Job111 which was advertised on 3rd June, 2012. The job description and qualification stated is a perfect fit for my resume. I obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Mining Engineering from the Omega Mining College in South Africa, a highly ranked academic institution in the mining category in the world. After completing my undergraduate studies, I had a two years intense internship programme with Baker Hughes International where I worked underground as mines operations graduate engineer.

After my graduate internship programme, I worked with Newmont International as a Mining Engineer for six years. My job description at Newmont was in the area of commercial feasibility of mining projects, model design of new commercial sites, mining recovery, quarrying and mining research into new technological mining equipment.

Besides my technical substance is my project management skills. At Newmont, project leadership and organizational skills is key to career development. I believe bringing these skills set to Tullow International will be a key mutual benefit.

In addition, I possess impressive interpersonal and communication skills with exceptional blending ability in a team.

I am excited about the career prospects at Tullow International, a highly ranked Oil Company in the world and ready to meet you to further elaborate on my qualification and experience.


[Your Name] Enclosure

Job Description of a Mining Engineer

Mining Engineering is a discipline that deals with productivity potential of mining locations and how to optimize the location for maximum extraction of underground deposit. This is done initially through feasibility studies.  Mostly, Mining Engineers are expected to use computer-aided technology in most of their extraction as a simulation test.

Mining Engineers are expected to be well vetted in Physics and Mathematics. For Undergraduate Studies, Mining Engineers can pursue courses such as Bachelor of Science in Mining Engineering, Bachelor of Science in Geology, Minerals Engineering, Quarrying Engineering and Bachelor of Science in Geological Engineering. A closely related field is Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering or Physics.

A major disadvantage of the activities of Mining Engineers is the disturbance and distraction of the Environment. Mining Engineers are therefore expected to work with the locals of Mining areas as a way of mitigation consensus.

Mining Engineer can work in a variety of fields including

  • Mining Companies
  • Financial Institutions
  • Environmental Agencies
  • Extraction related Companies
  • Quarrying Companies
  • Manufacturing Companies
  • Construction Companies

According to a Survey of the salary range of Mining Engineers in the United States, the average annual salary of Mining Engineers is $90,070. This figure has shot up in recent years due to increasing extraction sites especially in Sub-Saharan Africa

As a Mining Engineer of a Company, one is expected to:

  • Assessing the possible feasibility of new mining sites
  • Conducting and analyze the possibility of minerals deposits. This is usually carried out with Geologists, Earth Scientist and Economists
  • Constructing mines either above or below grounds
  • Designing with computer technology possible mining sites
  • Liaising with local authorities to oversee the health implication of mining in the area and possible practical solutions.
  • Through feasibility studies determine the best way to mine. This varies depending on the characteristics of deposits and site implication
  • Supervise Engineers on the best policy in Mining regulations. This includes proper adherence to explosions and emergency ventilation during underground pit mining
  • Carry out regular research on improved ways of mining. This mostly is done through emerging computer techniques in the mining industry.