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Cover Letter Sample for Fresh Material Science Engineering Graduates

Posted by | November 13, 2013 | Application letter articles

October 27, 2013

Mr. Orma Ral
Human Resource Officer
Mani Plastic Company Ltd
Box 343, Nairobi

Ray Helei
09th Arnold Road
P.O.Box 33, Nairobi
[email protected]


Dear Sir,

I am writing to apply for the position of Material Science Engineer as advertised on your official website on the 13th of June, 2013. As a degree holder in Material Science Engineering from the University of Nairobi, I am equipped with all the engineering principles in ceramics design and plastic.

In my recent position as a Materials Engineer with AXY Plastic Company, I worked on balancing optimal performance of polymers for plastic manufacturing, testing the resistivity of materials to chemical erosion, data analysis to determine which materials are suited for specific purposes and quality control of materials to advise management on purchases.

As a Materials Engineer, I am able to present technical data in form of charts to management, complex problem solving skills, good analytical skills for design purposes and application of scientific processes to industrial activities.

I also possess a good communication and interpersonal skills. With demand of work comes working under pressure to meet short deadlines. This is one of the areas where I have mastered in the past years. I have the ability to work under immense pressure and meet scheduled deadlines. I also possess a great leadership potential in a team.

This is a dream job which presents lots of career prospects and development. I am excited with this opportunity and hope to meet your outfit to further discuss my qualification and experience.

Find attached my resume and certificate.


[Your Name] Enclosure

Job Description of Materials Science Engineer

Materials engineering is the study of materials and their properties. Materials Engineering spans around us. From the buildings we have to the transportation and ceramics works. As a Materials Engineer, the particle composition of materials is key. This determines the cost of the material, functions and environmental impacts. A good example is our cellular phones. A materials engineer will determine the composition of the phone, durability and will answer why it is designed in that particular way.

To become a Materials Engineer, one must study Science in High School. For Undergraduate Studies, Bachelor of Science degree in Materials Engineering, Materials Science Engineering, Metallurgy or Chemical Engineering will lead one to Materials World.  A postgraduate degree will be a confident booster in this field. This field of Engineering is relatively new with immense prospects for graduates. Most project graduates in materials engineering end up investigating properties of ceramics, polymers to develop their engineering applications

To establish as a Materials Engineer, one need to have team work skills, confidence and interpersonal skills. In addition to technical competence, research and technology.

Materials Engineer can work in a diverse range of companies from rubber factories, glass factories, composites, metals, plastics and textiles.

A typical job description of a Materials Engineer spans:

  • Plant monitoring and material reaction during processing
  • Feasibility studies on materials to determine resistivity and corrosion implications
  • Improving materials and their properties
  • Designing improved materials through property analysis and disposing of such materials
  • Materials Engineers are Scientist that use science innovation for realistic applications. This they achieve by collaborating with other Engineers relevant to said projects
  • Materials Engineers cut across discipline in problem solving. Familiar field includes, Nuclear, Mechanical, Chemical and Aerospace Engineering
  • They also measure the extent of composition properties of materials on health.
  • Maintain quality and standard of products by continues supervision through test of raw materials